Brittany Mack

Brittany Mack is an accomplished professional in the Tax Credit and Incentive field. She has been at Walgreens for 10 years and manages a team and oversees national practice of negotiated incentives, statutory tax credits and energy incentive opportunities.  Brittany was awarded Walgreen’s CFO Leadership Award in 2012 and Tax Excellence Award in 2011 and 2015.   During her tenure at Walgreens she has made the energy incentive practice into an industry leader.

Prior to Walgreens Brittany worked for Arato & LaCorte, LLP. In this position Brittany handled property management, tax planning and accounting for various investment properties.

Earlier in her career she worked for Arthur Anderson in the tax and investment areas, including: individuals, trust planning, gift tax, high income, family wealth and private foundations.

Brittany is on EWN’s Advisory Board and a Committee Member for IPT, in addition she serves as an instructor at the IPT Credits & Incentives School.