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Bragging Rights – Self Evaluations Dos and Don’ts

Great information and Great Advice from Andrea Kramer, McDermott ,Will & Emery LLP


Words and phrases to consider using in preparing your self-evaluation:
“This has been a year of phenomenal growth for my practice because of X.”
“The projects I’ve taken on have greatly increased my ability to do the following: __.”
“I have expanded my practice in the following ways: X, Y,and Z.”
“I have supplemented my experience by doing the following: __.”
“I took on a lead role in this trial/transaction by handling the following: __.”
“I have worked with a large number of associates, partners,and staff to __.”
“I work independently.”
“I have immersed myself in ___.”
“On this transaction/case, I have effectively handled __.”
“I took on a key role when I did ___.”
“I have successfully completed a ___.”
“ I have been very active in __.

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