PCMA Convening Leaders Women @ Work Vancouver

What a pleasure it was to facilitate the Women @ Work program at the PCMA Convening Leaders Convention in Vancouver this week.  Another powerful group of female leaders together talking through the challenges and successes of women in the workplace.  The event featured an amazing speaker Michelle Stacey along with a breakout session on the topics we are so passionate about:  Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Perception, Respect, Pay Equity, Balance, Influence and at the end of the event a Reaction Panel of dynamic female leaders.

The stage was set with some key findings from the 2015 Women in the Workplace Report (published in conjunction with Lean In and Mckinsey & Company).  The Report that found, after in-depth research that Corporate America is not Currently on a Path to Gender Equality.  The fact we are getting together, talking through the challenges, learning the reasons we aren’t advancing at higher rates is a great step!

I believe in all of Us!…I know together we will continue the discussion, create opportunities for advancement and equality, change how we are recognized and rewarded for our accomplishments, be included at the table and start advancing at higher rates!

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