Discovering the Leader Within You!

Last week EWN held its most recent LEAD program titled: Discovering the Leader Within You.  Exciting half day program full of inspirational conversation and opportunities to grow. We were fortunate to have Monica Guillory of RR Donnelley share her insights on Leadership and Growth.  She shared how important is was to take time out to […]

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Inspirational Leaders Share

Inspirational Leaders Share! I believe great leaders “share”.  They share their wisdom, experiences and joy.  Last night 4 exceptional leaders (Donna Dorsey, Sonya Evanosky, Sarah Helm and Monica Guillory) shared with a group of amazing professional women their thoughts on Effective Self Promotion.  And even though the topic itself was interesting it was those exceptional […]

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How to Decide What Skill to Work On Next

FROM:  HBR Written by: Erika Andersen Most of us know that success in today’s work world requires continuous growth and learning. You can’t just rely on your current knowledge and expertise if you expect to keep up, let alone advance. But how do you identify the areas in which development efforts will yield the best […]

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Report: Women In the Workplace 2015

  Women in the workplace is a comprehensive study of the state of women in corporate America. The study is part of a long-term partnership between LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company to encourage female leadership and foster gender equality in the workplace.

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PCMA Convening Leaders Women @ Work Vancouver

What a pleasure it was to facilitate the Women @ Work program at the PCMA Convening Leaders Convention in Vancouver this week.  Another powerful group of female leaders together talking through the challenges and successes of women in the workplace.  The event featured an amazing speaker Michelle Stacey along with a breakout session on the topics we are so […]

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Were You Born to Lead?

Think for a moment about the leaders you work with and respect. Take another moment to write down what it is about them that connects you to them. What are the traits and characteristics you can attribute to them? Which ones have made an impact on you? Are they Visionary, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy, Empathetic, Driven, Confident, […]

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Leadership Development Strategy – Do You Have One?

Do you have a Personal Leadership Development Strategy? Think about what the CEO of the company where you work does all day long?  Think about what Senior Management does all day long? Are they Leading and Thinking the majority of their time?  YES!  How much time do you spend Leading and Thinking vs. Doing Your […]

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Power is Not Given to You. You Have to Take It

I love Quotes:  Thank you Beyonce Knowles Carter for this amazing insight and quote: Power is Not Given to You. You Have to Take it There comes a point in our careers when we have to “TAKE IT” by that, we mean:  Step up, speak out, share your brilliance.  Let everyone know what you have […]

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Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get

This is an amazing video by Susan Calanuono discussing her theory why women are not advancing. She calls this the 33% Gap in Leadership Development.  She suggest if we focus on or Personal Greatness, Engagement Greatness AND Business, Financial and Strategic Acumen our success rate for advancement would increase.  Great Advice!  

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