EWN SUCCEED program woman executive

Avoid Missed Steps in 2017 ~ Jump off the Wheel!

This is the time of year I like to reflect, consider, plan and visualize what’s coming up.  After an eventful 2016 leading EWN LEARN and LEAD programs for EWN I discovered that we are all working to become more effective, thoughtful, result driven leaders.  In discovering the leader within me I realized hindsight is 20/20.  The missed steps, actions, activities, relationships, opportunities never taken (that if I had) may have resulted in a different, better, more interesting outcome.

How do we avoid missed steps?  Jump Off the Wheel!

It’s so easy to get “bogged” down with day to day activities we do to keep everything going. We all know that feeling we are running around in a continual circle like our friend the hamster.  So let’s jump off the Wheel in 2017!  Take time to reflect on missed steps, think through priorities, plan for 2017 and our future.  Doing this will guarantee we discover the leader within us.

Happy New Year Everyone!!