Just say, No!

Every day we are faced with projects, meetings and deadlines that take time and energy.  Many times we simply have to say “No” because literally there is no time left.  Then we wonder or perhaps feel we could have done more?  I have found that the best approach is to know when to, “Just say, No”.

Many of us say yes to be a team player, get ahead or simply to be nice. But saying No can be an asset to your career and life:

Here are a few tips on when and how to say, No!

  1. Think strategically about how the task in front of you will be an advantage to you.
  2. How important is the request to the business?
  3. See whether you can help in a different way or at a different time.
  4. Talk it through with the individual vs. sending an email
  5. Keep your reasoning short and simple.
  6. Always evaluate the risks/exposure of saying “no”.
  7. If flattery works on you be careful you will be the first they approach. Go back to #1!
  8. If the project is for you direct manager discuss the conflict you have by sharing your current project load.
  9. Are you on a team or manage a team that can take on the project/task instead of you?
  10. Take a breath….tomorrow is only 24 hours away.

What do you think?


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