Leadership Development Strategy – Do You Have One?

Do you have a Personal Leadership Development Strategy?

Think about what the CEO of the company where you work does all day long?  Think about what Senior Management does all day long? Are they Leading and Thinking the majority of their time?  YES!  How much time do you spend Leading and Thinking vs. Doing Your Technical Work?

When I think about my busy days, in meetings, with clients, in training sessions I sometimes get so caught up with the day to day work life I forget that a large portion of my time should be spent thinking and leading.  There are three areas that all great Leaders nurture and consider as they learn, lead and succeed:

  • How much time do I spend Leading?
  • How much time do I spend Thinking Strategically?
  • How much time do I perform my job Technically?

OK….rule of thumb.  As you grow in your career the time you spend Leading and Thinking will increase and the time you spend Technically doing your job will decrease.  As female leaders we struggle with letting our technical job take the back seat. This behavior is hurting our continued ability to lead and advance.  We want to get everything done, we have a hard time letting work go, we want to be seen as prepared all the time, our confidence is based on what we know, we want to move up but don’t know how to jump off the wheel.  HERE’S how .. create, maintain and focus on your Leadership Strategy.

Note/Insight: We spend too much time performing the technical part of our job.  Then we wonder why we are reviewed based on our performance vs. our potential.  (click on EWN Insights for blog Performance vs Potential, Wall Street Journal article).

We hope you take the time to nurture all the parts of your business life and begin that journey with us.

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