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Leading Through Change

Do you work for an organization that is continually changing direction, has financial challenges, or simply evolving quickly.  Whether it’s a planned change or emergent change being a leader in the midst of change has its inherent challenges.  Your ability to Lead Through Change is a valuable Leadership Ability.  Ideas to consider:

1) Start with Why: Understand the business reasons for the change and be able to clearly communicate those reasons with the people you lead.   For many leaders managing change is a critical responsibility starting with WHY is the first step.

2) Communicate the vision:  share the “Why”, share the things that will stay the same, that will be left behind and the new opportunities coming up.

3) Establish a clear support infrastructure:  create a realistic project plan, organization structure and internal advocates, a formal communication and training plan are essential. Share your plan with the management team and get their support.

4) Overcoming Resistance – Implement communication and support elements as described above!  Use the IMPACT Model to embrace your team:

  • I = Initiate Communication
  • M = Motivate Through Knowledge
  • P = People Matter
  • A = Actions Say Everything
  • C = Checks and Balances keep Everyone on Track
  • T = Take Time to Talk with your Team

Tell us about your Leading Through Change Experience!

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