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Power is Not Given to You. You Have to Take It

I love Quotes:  Thank you Beyonce Knowles Carter for this amazing insight and quote:

Power is Not Given to You. You Have to Take it

There comes a point in our careers when we have to “TAKE IT” by that, we mean:  Step up, speak out, share your brilliance.  Let everyone know what you have done, what you are going to do, and how you are going to move the organization forward!  Stop waiting for that “tap” on the shoulder or to be “given” something.  That tap is someone saying, “I think you have the qualities to do X.  The taps will not continue for ever. They are a sign of your potential greatness.  It’s up to you to turn those taps into something more.  If the taps have stopped and you have not progressed there is a reason.

Do you know where your organization is going? What its strategy is? What financial targets it has in place?  Do you understand your role in moving the organization forward?

Since we face greater barriers to advancement and a steeper path to senior leadership in corporate America doesn’t it make sense that we start thinking this way?  If we don’t as professional women stop waiting for something to be “GIVEN” to us we will never get it so doesn’t it make sense that we have to “TAKE IT”.

What do you think?


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