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Tips for a Successful 2018!

The beginning of a new year is a good time to reflect on the past year and plan how you want your professional life to develop and advance. Do you want to advance, receive a promotion, work on an exciting new project in the coming year or the chance simply to enjoy the success you’ve achieved already?  These tips are designed to help you do both:

  1. Learn to delegate – with ever increasing responsibility you’ll need to finally “delegate”. Delegate those tasks that are stealing your precious time.
  2. Promote yourself regularly and consistently – sharing your successes with others and your ideas every day and in every way.
  3. Make planning a weekly event – keep your calendar handy, watch the time spent on noncritical activities, plan for upcoming projects, when delays occur manage expectations promptly.
  4. Join a new business organization – build your social capital, keep in touch with those in your network.
  5. Set realistic goals – if the goals lead to success rather than distress.
  6. Drop what’s not working and move on.
  7. Learn something new through reading.
  8. Share your experience with younger professionals.
  9. Spend time on yourself, your interests, and your hobbies.
  10. Always think about “what’s next”.