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Were You Born to Lead?

Think for a moment about the leaders you work with and respect. Take another moment to write down what it is about them that connects you to them. What are the traits and characteristics you can attribute to them? Which ones have made an impact on you?

Are they Visionary, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy, Empathetic, Driven, Confident, Strategic, Political, Team Builders,  Influencers, Great Communicators, etc.

Take a moment to review the list, circle the words that apply to YOU. Quite a few, right?

The art of leadership and management, like all arts and skills, are learned and honed by practice over time. It’s important we see and believe we have the ability to lead and that we see ourselves as leaders. We must work to identify those leadership abilities, strengths and traits that are our own and can be tapped into to become our own authentic leader.

There are know two leaders that have the exact same compliment of strengths. While two leaders may have identical goals the “way” they reach those goals will be different. To help you see how different, effective leadership strengths can be, go back to your list reach out to some of the leaders you identified. Reach out to them ask them to share their stories of leadership with you.

You will have many opportunities in your lifetime to lead. When you seize these opportunities, learn from other amazing leaders your influence increases and your effectiveness grows stronger.

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