What are the three key elements to successfully developing as a Leader? Continual Learning, Developing Strong Relationships and Practical Experience. EWN participants are professional women interested in learning to lead, advancing their careers, acquiring knowledge and creating new connections to drive stronger results and meet their individual and company goals.


EWN LEAD Programs are life-changing professional development experiences that teach leadership skills, build confidence and create amazing connections essential to realizing your leadership potential.

  • Facilitated Education Sessions
  • Top Executives Lead the Program
  • Measurable action assignments
  • Business Luncheon Events
  • Panel Events

If you are interested in having an EWN program at your company, please contact us.


Continued Development Through Executive Coaching

Most corporate career paths lead to roles in higher management.  Being prepared for that next step in responsibility can be tough; the move from player to coach is not a natural transition for most people.

Why Executive Coaching

Leadership skills required of managers including evaluating performance, conducting tough conversations, dealing with conflict and motivating teams aren’t necessarily skills that come naturally. At times we all need help getting perspective, hearing feedback, planning our next step to leadership and garnering higher results.  It’s not easy to evaluate ourselves, which is why there is so much value in having a thought partner bring perspective to our career planning.

Who We Coach

Professional Women who would like to:

  • Continue their development in leadership
  • Learn to lead themselves, others and teams better
  • Develop a strong career action plan for the future
  • Become a more effective result driven leader
  • Learn the rules of the road in business
  • Understand how they can make an impact
  • Identify core competencies through Strengths Based Assessment
  • Develop key relationships
  • Effectively self-promote and create your “pitch”

How It Works

An initial telephone coaching session is set up to determine whether Executive Coaching is something that would work for you. Based on that conversation, we would decide together whether creating a coaching framework makes sense. Coaching framework would include:

  • Specific and Measurable goals
  • Personal Development plan
  • Strengths Finder Assessment


Based on telephone coaching session, we will determine whether a 3 month or 6 month program works best. Additional time can be purchased.

3 Month Program – $2,100

6 Month Program – $4,500

Program Includes:  3 coaching sessions per month, analysis of strengths finders assessment, recommendations on career advancement, leadership education.

For more information regarding EWN’s Executive Coaching Program, please contact us.