Who We Are

Empowering Women Network, Inc. (EWN) is a company and member-oriented organization whose mission is to grow, connect and develop a diverse network of female leaders through leadership development programs based in Chicago, IL. EWN carries out this mission through programs and events designed to inspire, connect, and accelerate the advancement of mid-level and emerging female leaders.

Our Plan

Our key initiatives are to continue building on a strong history of excellence and to lay the foundation for greater services for female leaders. We pride ourselves in helping companies retain, develop and prepare female leaders and helping those leaders develop their leadership abilities through an accelerated advancement process creating opportunities for them to reach their goals and top management positions.

How We Came to Be

Empowering Women Network, Inc. was founded by Georgia Dudley in 2002 to ensure that future female leaders had the resources to thrive and lead in their careers, respective companies, communities and lives. As a full-time business owner and single parent, EWN’s Founder had been the lucky beneficiary of advice and moral support from experienced business women. She felt a strong need to give something back. In the fall of 2001, she formed an advisory board of professionals who showed an interest in being a resource to other women, perhaps by staking out a viable position on the Web in the form of a network. Over the years, this vision has grown into what comprises EWN today: EWN is a company dedicated to leadership and the advancement of professional women. The foundational principle upon which EWN is built is the belief that professional empowerment is fostered in a matrix of mutual trust, shared competencies and self-awareness. EWN supports its clients through leadership development programs, including: leadership education, events, corporate and executive memberships as well as executive coaching and mentoring.