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7 Ways to Self-Promote With Grace At Work

Great Advice from:  ChameleonResumes.com


1. Take on Projects No One Else Wants

Ultimately, you want to cultivate a favorable impression with everyone you can, from your boss to the receptionist.

So be a team player.

By taking on the work no one else wants to do, you’re “taking one for the team.” What could be a better demonstration of your selfless commitment to the goals of the organization? People will notice and remember that you’re willing to make these sacrifices and go the extra mile.

These efforts can go a long way towards building likeability and respect.

Also, the more that these unwanted projects help your company and your team in terms of numbers, the more you’ll be able to say you contributed to those results.

2. Touch Base with Your Manager Regularly

Establish ongoing communication with your manager about your projects and your accomplishments. Regular updates – weekly, biweekly, or monthly – isn’t just good for business, it’s good for self-promotion.

These updates serve to constantly remind your boss why you’re valuable and what you’re bringing to the table, the team, and the organization.

Think about any employees you manage: which ones stand out? Probably the ones you talk to the most. Everyone’s busy, so it’s important to stay noticed amidst all the noise.

There’s no need for regular meetings or even two-way communication. Find ways to update your boss without requiring a response or a review. Think of these communications like status updates on a social media page. People can view them without feeling obligated to reply, comment, or offer feedback.

3. Know Your Boss’s Goals…And Help Him or Her Achieve Them

Ongoing communication about your goals and achievements helps to remind your boss that you’re committed and valuable. But you can take that a step further by ensuring that your projects and goals are in alignment with theirs.

Again, there’s no need to overtly seek the spotlight. Simply evaluate your existing agenda and find ways to support your boss’s agenda. Ask questions if necessary.

Aligning your goals with your manager’s can drastically increase your value in their eyes. When they get ahead, they’ll remember that you’re the one who helped them.

And they, in turn, will help you get ahead.

4. Mentor Others and Help Them Succeed

Always remember the Golden Rule – treat others the way you want to be treated.

Some attitudes will leave a bad taste in people’s mouths, such as arrogance, self-importance, and aloofness. Even if you’re the captain of your team, do these characteristics strike you as conducive to self-promotion?

To really make a good impression on the people in your sphere of influence, you need to help everyone out…including those below you. Word gets around, so if you actively take a hand in helping others, you’ll help sow the seeds for profitable relationships down the line.

Mentoring is a particularly good way to help others, because it can have a big impact on a person’s career and leave a lasting impression.

5. Find Your Own Mentor, Consultant, or Coach

Learning is an ongoing process. And it’s an investment that always pays off, no matter how far along you are on your career path.

You may be at the top of your game in your company and your field. But a mentor, consultant, or coach can still help you find more ways to promote yourself and improve your reputation.

An experienced third party can help you promote yourself by:

● Helping you identify more opportunities for advancement and promotion
● Helping you expand your professional network
● Providing honest critiques and feedback about how to improve your promotional efforts and your reputation
● Offering training and advice on skills that can help you improve your marketing and visibility

6. Become a Thought Leader and Promote Yourself Online

Everyone’s online, so you should be too. Promote yourself on LinkedIn, through Twitter, on Facebook, and through other relevant social media channels.

Remember that there’s lots of noise online. The best way to stay at the top of your field and at the top of search results is to become a thought leader who has lots of followers.

Keep your content professional, targeted, and useful. Curate relevant, valuable content. Write and publish high quality articles.

And establish an online presence that extends beyond your organization. People at your company will notice, especially if your online efforts help your organization’s marketing goals.

7. Brand Yourself and Keep Your Materials Current

Keep your resume, your social media profiles, and your website (if you have one) current. This is one more item on the reputation-building checklist.

If your coworkers see that you value yourself and your skills, then they’ll see value in you too. But if your LinkedIn page and Twitter account haven’t been used in 2 years, then it could give the opposite impression.

And even if you aren’t actively playing the field by looking for other job opportunities, an updated brand presence shows your bosses that you’re alert and on top of your game. When other organizations can see value in you too, then your own company is less likely to take you for granted.

Regardless of your position or your career goals, these fundamental techniques can help you stand out without sticking out. By applying yourself over the long term, you’ll increase your chances of getting that promotion, landing that job, or getting that raise.

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