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Were You Born to Lead?

Think for a moment about the leaders you work with and respect. Take another moment to write down what it is about them that connects you to them. What are the traits and characteristics you can attribute to them? Which ones have made an impact on you? Are they Visionary, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy, Empathetic, Driven, Confident, […]

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Leadership Development Strategy – Do You Have One?

Do you have a Personal Leadership Development Strategy? Think about what the CEO of the company where you work does all day long?  Think about what Senior Management does all day long? Are they Leading and Thinking the majority of their time?  YES!  How much time do you spend Leading and Thinking vs. Doing Your […]

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4 Ways For Millennial Women To Prepare For Leadership Roles

FAST COMPANY ARTICLE Millennial women are set to take on unprecedented leadership positions. Here’s how to prep for them. 1. Develop Your Executive Presence Being an effective manager isn’t a skill you’re born with. It comes down to a set of learned behaviors—how to deliver a presentation, command a room, and inspire respect and loyalty. […]

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Leading Through Change

Do you work for an organization that is continually changing direction, has financial challenges, or simply evolving quickly.  Whether it’s a planned change or emergent change being a leader in the midst of change has its inherent challenges.  Your ability to Lead Through Change is a valuable Leadership Ability.  Ideas to consider: 1) Start with […]

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