Why Attend Networking Events? They ROCK!

Why attend Networking Events?  BECAUSE THEY ROCK!

This morning I had the pleasure of attending EWN’s Warrenville Round Table held at RR Donnelley and found myself wondering why more professional women don’t take the time to, actually “stop” what they are doing, leave their desks, attend an event like the one today at RR Donnelley.  Where we learn from our peers, share our experiences and make new connections.

Today’s topic was Emotional Dressing.  The conversation led by Deborah Cox of RR Donnelley was around how what we wear very often reveals our current emotion?  Think about it Deb said, “What do you wear when you are home and not feeling well?” Everyone said, “Sweats”… “What do you wear when you are Happy?” Everyone said, “Cool clothes!”  Get the picture?  What we wear how we show up is important and our emotions play a large part in those choices.

In addition, whether we like it or not what we look like sets off an impression in someone else’s mind about: Who we are, What we value, What we think about ourselves and how we respect where we are.  How many times have you said or heard someone say:  “Who raised that person, don’t they know where they are?”  There were so many more enlightening moments.

Thank you Deborah for this enlightening conversation!


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